This really is the ultimate  feel-good show. You are guaranteed to be dancing to rock and roll in your seats!

Holly along with his band The Crickets, and later as a solo artist, was a pioneer of rock and roll – and inspired the work of many popular music artists such as Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and even The Beatles.

His life may have been short but his influence is timeless. The smash-hit musical depicts his success with a fast paced first act, and a more slower act two which begins to draw more focus to his personal relationships and the tragic end to his life. 

The first rule of a jukebox musical is to provide the classic songs that fans would expect to hear and The Buddy Holly Story delivered.

‘That’ll Be The Day’ is one of the first numbers to be performed much to the audience’s delight and the hits continue from there; ‘Everyday’, and of course the toe-tapping ‘Peggy Sue’ are also highlights.

The music comes to a climax in their final performance at Clear Lake including the fantastic finale number ‘Johnny B Goode’. The Big Bopper (Christopher Chandler), may have had the crowd begging for more during his rendition of ‘Chantilly Lace’ however it was Miguel Angel’s Ritchie Valens that received the most engagement as he hip thrusted his way into the spotlight during his rendition of ‘La Bamba’.

Buddy holly story

We were fortunate to see Christopher Weeks as the title role of Buddy Holly, bringing youthful enthusiasm to the role as he leapt around on stage surrounded by his fellow talented musicians.

The supporting cast were all extremely talented musicians as well as actors and their unwavering energy carried throughout the show.

The show truly felt like a celebration, therefore when the forthcoming tragedy was portrayed, it left a shocking silence amongst the audience and created a moment of reflection in the theatre.

Hearing the ages and fates of those who lost their lives in the 1959 plane crash is a harrowing moment, however it is also fundamental to the story and Holly’s remembrance. An irreplaceable musician and man who was lost far too soon.

The Buddy Holly Story, performing  at Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury this week, recounts the story of the rock and roll musician and his whirlwind rise to fame during the 1950s.

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Buddy holly Story