Bloom Valley

Bloom Valley is a family business hatched in Oxfordshire with a mission to champion free range birds and produce the highest quality eggs.

By investing in our birds and providing them with comfortable habitats, clean, fresh air, good lighting, and tranquil conditions with the space to roam we have happy hens and high quality products.

We have a passion for raising hens that thrive in a free range environment where stretching and roaming is encouraged as we have a strong belief in upholding the highest levels of animal husbandry and the humane treatment of all our birds.

Our farm has 12 acres of pasture for our hens to enjoy the outdoors every day after laying their morning eggs.

Our ambition is to further our expansion whilst retaining the small flock structure, bring new ideas to the industry, constantly refine our farming methods to ensurequality and to meet the expectations of our retailers.

Contact Details

Phone: 01869 228511

Email: [email protected]


Address: Charndon, Bicester, UK

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