Finca El Monte

The shop name, Finca El Monte, comes from the “original” finca which is located in the mountains of Andalucia and is a working olive & almond farm. The business was based around the farm to provide the opportunity for more people to see and buy the colourful ceramics, made by the artisans in the nearby villages. Additional lines have been added and more will be coming soon, however, we always adhere to the same founding principles of cheerful colour and more importantly to support local communities and, in some small way, to help improve the livelihoods of the artisans, particularly in rural areas and developing countries. All this can be found on our website or in our shop in Buckingham.

Simple ethically sourced and handcrafted items are not only so much lovelier to look at than their mass produced rivals, they are also better for everyone involved in the design and creation of each piece. Keeping artisans in work in their local communities and continuing an age old craft well into the future.

Contact Details

Phone: 01280 308014

Email: [email protected]


Address: Finca El Monte, Well Street, Buckingham, UK

Finca El Monte