Morris of Hoggeston

The Morris family have farmed in Hoggeston for many generations. We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly and high welfare farming practices.

We farm Old English breeds such as Hereford cattle, Wiltshire Horn sheep and Gloucester Old Spot pigs, which are all born and reared on the farm.

We sell our pork, beef and lamb from the Farmhouse Shop and at Winslow Farmers Market. Our slow grown animals produce high quality, tender and succulent meat which is hung for the optimum time to bring out the flavour. We provide oven ready cuts, dry cured bacon & gammon, plus a range of speciality sausages and pies.

We are renowned for our ‘Farmhouse Breakfasts’ which are held five weekends a year. Bring your friends and family to experience a full English breakfast made with our own and locally sourced produce in the beautiful and charming setting of the old farmhouse kitchen. Enjoy a farm tour, meet the piglets, and get a taste of life on a real working farm!

Contact Details

Phone: 01296 714239

Email: [email protected]


Address: Morris of Hoggeston, Hoggeston, Buckingham, UK

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