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I’ve always loved taking part in fitness classes. So after years of attending them and becoming a mum to my two daughters I decided to have a career change – and trained to become an instructor myself.

Over the years I’ve trained to teach everything from Kettlercise to Aqua Aerobics. Through starting out in both leisure centres/gyms and also running local community classes, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about what people want from their sessions and what they enjoy. However, I was really restricted with what I could offer (carrying 16 Reebok steps, 30 mats and numerous weights about in my car was taking it’s toll) and finding suitable venues was also tricky.

Opening my own fitness studio was my ultimate dream. After a lot of research and saving, the dream became a reality. In February 2016 a friend found a tired industrial unit in Buckingham that had big potential. Months later on June 3rd, I opened the doors to The Energy Effect Fitness Studio Buckingham and I haven’t looked back!

Initially I was teaching every class, but when one of my closest friends Katrin moved back into the area and covered my holiday classes, she proved to be a big hit so there was no way I was letting her go! Kat is amazing, she’s hugely popular with the members and hugely valued by me. Having her on board means I can offer an additional 11 classes a week!

Since opening, memberships have rocketed and have exceeded my expectations. I’ve listened to client feedback and when new classes have been requested Kat and I have embarked on the necessary training to get them on the timetable. In June 2017 we both completed our Indoor Cycling training, I then converted the upstairs office into a spin studio which now holds 22 bikes with 7 Energy Cycle classes running a week.

Whether you’re looking for a low impact dance class or a fierce Kettlercise class the studio has something for everyone. The studio is unique in so many ways. – the atmosphere is incredibly friendly and welcoming and people are achieving fantastic results. Come along and join the fun, I look forward to meeting you.

Owner and Fitness Instructor

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Phone: 07725 537002

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Address: The Energy Effect, Buckingham, UK

The Energy Effect Fitness Studio