Well Summer is well and truly here and the work that I put in earlier in the year is really paying off.

 The Poly tunnel has provided me with blooms since March and now is so full of flowers it’s like a jungle in there. The rest of the plot is a riot of flowers and bees and bouquets of all colours are being cut and delivered every day.

It’s a joy to come to work every day!



They are here again, the beautiful Dahlia. I look forward to their arrival each year and in my opinion are one of there finest flowers you can grow in your garden.

This year I have planted over 100 plants and I fear I will order that number again for next year and double my stock.

Dahlia are the star of my own garden and the cutting garden from now until the frosts claim them in late Autumn. Keep dead heading them to encourage more and more flowers, if you are using them as cut flowers, don’t be scared to cut them really long and then remove the side shoots, the plant will thank you and throw up new stems in a matter of days.

Stake you plants before they get too tall, it’s heartbreaking if they get too heavy and fall to the ground.

lolly and the hare

Jobs for July

Now is the last chance to plant out any Half Hardy Annuals such as Cosmos, Nicotiana and Zinnia, plant them now and they should flower into the middle of Autumn.

If you planted any Biennial seeds in late May then this them out now and give the stronger plants a chance to grow bigger and stronger.

Take cuttings from Pelargoniums. I grow Attar of Roses as a beautifully scented foliage and by taking cuttings now and keeping them frost free over Winter, I get a much better crop next year.

It’s time to trim your Lavender plants to stop then getting really woody, they also look much neater without the dried flower heads still on the plants.

Feed your Roses after the first flush of flowers and hopefully your will get a gorgeous second flowering too.

lolly and the hare

Normally July and august are times for a Summer Holiday, this year may be slightly different but if you are managing to get a break away then make sure you have a good friend of neighbour pop over and water your garden while you are away. They could also cut themselves a bunch of flowers or two which will help with the deadheading.

Keep harvesting, deadheading and enjoying your garden and KEEP WATERING!!! If we have a long hot summer then your plants will need a bit of extra water to keep looking their best.

I will be selling my cut flowers well into the Autumn so please get in touch and you can pop ups to the plot and choose your blooms or leave it to me and I will get you the best I have.

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bunch of flowers