Hi my name is Sarah, a Senior Yoga Teacher and Health Therapist, and the founder of Urban Ōm yoga.

Here at Urban Ōm yoga, we are passionate about yoga-specific health and exercise. We as teachers have all had our own journey to how yoga has supported us either physically, mentally, or emotionally – and we just love teaching it!

I have been a yoga teacher for over 10 years and have studied under various styles that range from a traditional and classic style (Ashtanga and Bikram) to modern dance styles (Vinyasa Power Flow), as well as therapeutic and rehabilitative styles (Restorative and Nidra). Each form of yoga has been important in my own health and wellness journey, as I see with so many teachers also. It isn’t the end-all be-all, but it makes a great addition to what we are working towards in our lives when it comes to physical health and beyond.

URBAN ŌM translates as City + Spirit. This means we aim to support all students, (trainees and teachers included!) in using the science and tradition of yoga to help guide balanced city-living (aka busy-living!).

We have both a phased approach to our classes, as well as a mix-and-match approach, where we can guide students to the right level and style for them. Our entry level classes are accessible and practical, and the classes levelled up include more yoga tradition in breath and movement techniques.

We understand that we go through different ages and stages in which we need a certain style of yoga to support us with. Each practice has an objective, and Urban Ōm values it all and aims to teach that variety with skill and understanding.

I feel we are at a great turning point in how yoga is becoming more recognised as a tool for supporting posture, organ health, and mental clarity. Its’ wide range of benefits are seen across the medical community, fitness community, as well as the health psychology community.

Research is now leading society changes towards a more holistic approach on how we see health as a bigger picture. This is with both physical health needs such as exercise, as well as calming strategies from an over-worked nervous system (tools for stress management). I feel it’s an exciting period for yoga in the West with the amount of evidence published in the ways it supports our brain and body.

We look forward to providing heated and non-heated classes (from hot yoga classes to comfortable temperature classes) ranging for beginner, intermediate, and beyond level students. We have styles that are relaxing and therapeutic, as well powerful, and energetic. We will also offer annual workshops on various topics for health and wellness, and specialist courses such as pregnancy and yoga rehab.

Check out our website urbanomyoga.co.uk to find out more and sign up for our latest news.

We can’t wait to welcome you all!