James Dougall is a multi award winning silversmith and jeweller who has recently opened a new shop selling his exclusive designs on Winslow Market Square.  A freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and a freeman of the City of London James has lived around Winslow for over 30 years and has previously sold his silverware and Jewellery at high end shows around the UK and abroad.

At a time when many shops are moving away from having a high street presence James has seen that the best way for customers to truly understand what might be a significant investment in gold or silver, possibly to commemorate a special moment like a birthday, wedding or anniversary is to talk to an experienced designer and maker directly, handle items and truly understand what goes into the piece, rather than just clicking on a mouse or tapping a screen to buy something, there really is no substitute for handling things, especially items as personal as jewellery.

Increasingly James is finding people have an interest where things they buy come from and are keen to know about the materials used especially gold, silver and precious stones, he takes great care to use 100% recycled gold helping to limit the damage done to the planet from new mining and only buys diamonds that have come from reputable sources and are guaranteed conflict free. He is also aware of the merits of the circular economy and the value of using local suppliers wherever possible to help drive the local economy.

All of the pieces on display in his shop are made completely by hand, by James, something very rare in the 21st century. Because of this only a relatively small number of pieces can be produced which adds to the exclusivity of the designs, something his customers who include Oxford Colleges, Military Regiments and significant private collectors worldwide appreciate.

If all of this sounds like it might be expensive, by being local, doing everything in house and keeping overheads low means that whether you are buying a new design from James, getting him to re model something or commission him to design a piece of silverware for you will often cost much less than you think, he also part exchanges and buys unwanted gold jewellery

The new shop is open 10 – 5 Thursday to Saturday although James is available to meet with by appointment at other times.

Contact Details

Phone: 07786176118

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.jamesdougall.com