We recently caught up with the wonderful Joanna Fair Photography, who talks all things horses and her amazing talent to capture those moments with our four legged friends.

 Horses have been in my soul since the age of 6 when I first saw one. I was obsessed and used to cry at Black Beauty. My mum would find me with a skipping rope sat on the front gate pretending to ride! Every horse I saw I wanted one of my own. Thirty-nine years on and I am still the same (minus the skipping rope I might add) and had the pleasure of owning my own beautiful boy for 5 years before I sadly lost him in 2019 very suddenly.

Being a photographer, I get to work with lots of beautiful horses and their owners to capture memories with their best friends. Some of whom have had them since foals and are now into their twilight years.

Horse photography

After having my own photo shoot with my horse, I have an even greater knowledge of how important it is to cherish those moments with them. I am forever grateful to have these gorgeous pictures of him to look back on.

“For me your photos are a piece of art. This is why I make sure you have a gorgeous framed print included in my commission fee. Having 100 photos sat on a computer not being seen is a travesty. I want you to see your favourite photos in print to live on forever.”

When you book a commission with me, it is all encompassing. From the first phone call, the delivery of your bespoke welcome pack, to the photo shoot and beyond it is all about you and your horses and what matters most to you. You can even include your family and pets, creating a memorable experience from start to finish and have some fun at the same time!

So, if you are after a creative fine art photo shoot for just your horse or one with you, your horses and family I’d love to work with you to produce some wonderful images to last a lifetime.


Joanna Fair Photography
Joanna Fair Photography