Let’s talk 2020.

We were all very glad to see the back last year and I feel 2021 needs to work harder to make up for it. I really hope you are all keeping well and finding ways to struggle on. The evenings will be getting lighter and I sincerely hope that the weather has dried up by now and we are able to get out in our gardens. I suggest planting lots of colour, just anything you like. There are no rules so a riot of shapes, heights, colours and scents will cheer the soul. Growing from seed takes patience and if you don’t have it then pop to the garden centre and see what takes your fancy. Buckingham Garden Centre and Preston Bissett Nurseries are open (January) and I hope many more will be by the time this goes to print.

News from Lolly and The Hare

Gardening was such a saviour to so many last year, I found that it was the only thing keeping me sane and the Winter has been a struggle. But, hopefully by now, my Anemones and Ranunculus are grown and ready to cut and sell, the Narcissus and Tulips too. So colour has returned, beauty and promise are all around and all the hard work I have put into this new business should be paying off. As I have written before, Lolly and The Hare is based just outside of Buckingham and is a cut flower garden. I am growing on a third of an acre and will be providing British grown flowers to florists, restaurants and bars, weekly farm gate sales, bouquet deliveries, weekly mixed bucket orders and also I hope to provide Brides and Grooms with the most gorgeous blooms as long as weddings are allowed. I have 14 years floristry experience so I can provide the loose flowers or the full wedding package. More details are on the website www.lollyandthehare.co.uk get in touch and let me help with your floral needs.

I have planted the most glorious selection of flowers and foliages and my next article for this magazine will feature bouquets and blooms in abundance.

Happy Planting
Jess x

Time to plant

Get sowing all the seeds you can. If like me, you have an enormous collection of seeds, deciding what you have room for will be an issue. I seem to have developed a lockdown seed problem! It is the perfect time to start sowing seeds in the greenhouse, under a cold frame or even on the windowsill, ready to plant out after the last frosts.

Food or flowers?

I always think I want to grow vegetables to eat but as I plant more and more flowers, the veg take a back seat. This year I may try to add something lovely to eat on to the plot. I’m currently sowing a second round of Sweet peas, Stocks and Snap Dragons. The first sowings are looking wonderful in the Polytunnel.

What to sow

Starting a flower patch from scratch? Grow a lacy flower such as Ammi or Daucus, a focal flower such as Roses, Cosmos or Dahlia and then the spire shapes of Delphinium, Lupins or Snap Dragons. Sow some for each season, check seed packets for growing and flowering information.

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