The Yoga Garden Sanctuary locally based was originally a garden yoga studio created from a love and passion for practicing and teaching yoga outside. A space designed for you to breathe slower and deeper, to pause and reconnect, to take a slower pace both on your mat and off the mat into life’s fullness and richness.   

Over the last year the Yoga Garden Sanctuary has had to adapt, the focus changed bringing the pause to the home space, through online classes and home yoga collections. Therapeutic treats for the senses combining luxury wellbeing items and experiences to soothe, help sleep and relax a tired body and mind. Designed to renew and restore. 

Yoga garden sanctuary
Going forwards the Yoga Garden Sanctuary is now the garden setting, the garden studio and the home yoga collections. A garden designed to awaken   the senses and soothe tired minds. Planted with herbs and soft ethereal flowers to enchant the visitor and invite a pause. Seating areas flow through the garden encouraging you to take time to just be, slow down, sip a herbal tea  … before/ after class and bring people together. The garden studio is positioned at the bottom of a garden tucked in by natural hedges with bifold doors opening the outside in. A heated floor and calm tranquil interior are the perfect antidote and setting for your wellbeing and classes at The Yoga Garden Sanctuary. When the weather is warmer a yoga deck surrounded by planting is an extra space to sit, move, meditate and relax.


Yoga classes

Yoga classes at The Sanctuary focus on bringing yoga to anyone who wishes to try yoga from the mat to the chair. All that is required is an open mind.  

Classes combine breathwork, movement and poses (asanas) to build strength, wellness and to increase / maintain mobility.

Focus changes with the seasons and so in winter a slower more restorative practice is encouraged, in spring/early summer more energising flows.

 Time is given to breath, body and spirit and students are invited to take yoga on a level that works for them. Props are encouraged and variations and adaptations are offered in classes. 

 Styles of yoga taught include hatha, flow, yin and restorative yoga along with beginners courses and private 1-1 sessions for meditation and relaxation, wellbeing and breath inquiry. (improving how you breathe)

yoga garden sanctuary

Get in touch with me

 If you would like to know more about my mat and chair classes, arrange a 1-1 class or perhaps you would like to arrange a special treat for friends or family please get in touch.

Sessions are completely tailored for you, your needs and what level you want yoga to meet you.  If you are interested in bringing the pause into your home the home yoga collections can be found on my website. 

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