So we’re dreaming of warm summer day and what’s a summer holiday without water to splash in?! Here are our Water Babies top tips for safe and fun splashing… in pools rather than puddles!

The wonderful thing about swimming is that everyone from your newest arrival to Great Granny can enjoy it together. It’s fun, healthy and keeps you cool when it’s hot.

Dip in a toe…

A day at the seaside is the epitome of summer holiday fun. But is it safe to take your baby in the sea? Sea swimming is too cold and too salty for babies under six months. But older babies and toddlers will love splashing in the surf!

Keep hold of your little one at all times, even if the water seems calm. Stay in your depth and avoid inflatables. Salty water doesn’t taste nice and can sting your baby’s eyes, so no submersions!

Kit for fun in the sea:

UV suit – a swim suit with SPF 50+

Wetsuit – this should be snug fitting

Water resistant sun cream and a hat

A couple of towels

Swimming with Water Babies

Take the plunge!

Water Parks and swimming pools are a great way of keeping cool and having fun. You can take your baby swimming from birth. Hold your baby and splash around in the water, let them kick, and sit them on the side and splash them in to the tune of Humpty Dumpty.

Older babies and toddlers enjoy songs and water toys. If your baby can walk, they may enjoy playing in the water where they can touch the bottom. Keep the mood light and let your baby dictate the pace.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Water Baby, you can do all the things you’ve been doing in your class – splashing in, submersions, holding on and all the songs and games your little one loves!

Kit for fun in the pool

Swim nappies

UV suit for outdoor pools plus water resistant sun cream and a hat

Wetsuit for pools cooler than 32°C

Toys – bath toys, or a Water Babies swim kit

A couple of towels

Stay safe!

Water safety is as important as learning to cross the road. Don’t think your baby is too little to learn water safety. Babies are not innately scared of water – quite the opposite. The key is to keep them relaxed in water by submerging them in the controlled way we teach our Water Babies. That means they won’t panic if their heads go under water by accident.

In Water Babies classes we also carefully teach babies to turn and hold on to the poolside, use floats and float on their backs. We know of Water Babies as young as 15 months old who have used these skills to save themselves.

At Water Babies we teach you to teach your baby to swim. If you would like further information on our classes in warm pools across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire please call 01295 709221 and we will send you details on your most local class.