Blue skies, fluffy clouds and the golden bobbing heads of daffodils and ruby red tulips we know we’re well and truly into Spring and brighter days.  They may not solve the problems our country is facing of late with storm after storm and growing health concerns but they can at least lift the spirits momentarily! I am making “Joy” one of my go-to words this year – to find it, create it, share it and savour it.  Finally, with our new kitchen in place, (I’ll refrain from gushing but OMG – happy days!) this joy can now extend to cooking and eating once again ?

Easter is just around the corner so for many of you a time to get together with family or arrange a special gathering.  Its therefore a time to relax and enjoy yourselves too so I have included an easy one pot lamb dish that can be the over for 3 hours giving you time to go for a lovely spring walk or sit down and enjoy the company of those visiting you.  If you’re on your own you can squeeze in a film before lunch!  With National Asparagus Day on 23rd April and those beautiful green stems in abundance for a short period I have chosen a lovely Asparagus Soup to either enjoy as a starter at Easter or for a tasty lunch sometime.  You can ‘pimp’ it up with a poached egg on toast too!  

Hope you have a great the Easter break however you spend it and these next couple of months where everything seems to start coming to life.  Whatever the months hold make ‘Joy’ a part of them…oh and remember the May Bank holiday is put back to Friday 8/5 this year for VE Day.

Love Tina xx