Buckingham Town Council is delighted to see so many residents enjoying the parks and making the most out of the walks and green spaces around Buckingham. Extra visitors can mean more rubbish to dispose of – reports the council have shown a rise in rubbish left next to bins and litter around the parks after picnics on sunny days.

Our bins are emptied regularly, but on some occasions park and street bins might be full. If that happens, the Town Council want to encourage residents to take their rubbish home with them instead of leaving it in the park.

Our green spaces team are working hard doing essential key work in Buckingham cemetery as well as keeping Buckingham’s parks as beautiful usable spaces, including maintaining the wildflower meadows, facilities and trees. Clearing up rubbish left by the public takes up their time unnecessarily and could put them as risk.

Remember that leaving your rubbish doesn’t only just affect other people, it also hurts wildlife and looks ugly.

The Council asks all park visitors: please be considerate and take your rubbish home with you so we can keep our parks looking great, our key workers safe and the wildlife protected.

For enquiries please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426, [email protected]