Time to plan

Things are still happening in the flower field, even though the soil is cold and damp and the nights draw in a bit too early for my liking. On a misty morning the beauty of the dried seed pods and bare trees still make me smile. I also feel no guilt for having many, many tea breaks.

The poly tunnel is full of seedlings that are being looked after, ready for their Spring planting out and I have boxes of seeds waiting to be sown too. Life takes on a slower pace during the Winter for me as I catch up on paperwork and plan for the 2022 season.

There are jobs however, that still need to be done. I’m only half way through the mulching, each bed gets a good thick layer of well rotted manure or compost to protect the plants under the surface and to improve the quality of the soil. The empty beds get a bit extra as they will be where the hungry annuals get sown next year.

I love how different all the seeds are and it has always fascinated me how gorgeous and tall flowers grow from such strange, shrivelled, small seeds.

Jess - Lolly and the Hare
Spring bulbs - lolly and the hare

Christmas Door Wreath

Making Christmas wreaths has marked the beginning of the festive period for me for the last 15 years. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until my hands are cracked and sticky from eucalyptus. Making just one wreath for yourself however will not cause much damage so do have a go. Many florists offer group workshops and Preston Bissett Nurseries always run some very good classes too. If you are not keen on making your own then feel free to contact me, I will be taking orders and also selling them at Deddington Farmers Market.

Christmas wreath - Lolly and the Hare

Dear Father Christmas….

If, like me, you have a list of gardening items you would like then jot them down and make sure you let the big FC know, you never know what he might surprise you with on Christmas morning. This year I have asked for a new wheelbarrow and a wind up radio. Other useful items I recommend are a good pair of warm boots, www.muckbootcompany.co.uk are where I buy mine from. For taking care of your gardeners hands the best thing I have found is Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand Softener. By far the best gift is always David Austin Roses vouchers, you can browse their website with a glass of something warming and choose the perfect rose.

Happy Garden planning, stay wrapped up warm and enjoy planning your garden for next year.


Lolly and the Hare